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Baiyun Mountain

November 5, 2007

View over lake

Baiyun Shan, or White Cloud Mountain, lies just North of the city and is one of the ‘Eight Sights’ of Guangzhou. It has been a scenic spot for a long time and has inspired poets, artists, and scholars, and on a rare clear day you can see the whole of Guangzhou. The park consists of 30 peaks and covers 28 km2, with Moxing Peak being the hightest at 382 metres.

There are many peaks and ridges in the area, and the Guangdong Provincial Government has declared six sightseeing zones.


Sculpture of the Five Rams

May 4, 2007

Legend has it that five immortal beings wearing robes of five colours came to Guangzhou on the backs of rams. Each being carried rice and gave it to the people as a sign that Guangzhou would be free of famine. A sculpture was erected in Yuexiu park in 1959 to pay tribute to this story, and to the origins of the name Guangzhou (meaning five rams).

What more can be said about a statue? If you’re in Yuexui park then you should certainly pay a visit here, as well as catching Guangzhou Museum and the Guangzhou Fine Art Museum. As the symbol of Guangzhou the statue is perpetually busy, and is located on top of a hill 100m from a coach park.


Guangzhou Museum of Fine Arts

May 4, 2007

The Guangzhou Museum of Fine Arts is located in Yuexiu park and was built in 1957 to imitate Wenhua Wall in the Imperial Palace in Beijing. It was built on the site of Zhongyuan Library, and consists of over 300 square metres of exhibition hall, with 100 square metres of gallery space.

Outside the main building is a peaceful arched corridor containing 118 stones inscribed by celebrated calligraphers from the Jin to Qing dynasty. This area makes a very welcome relief from the bustle of Yuexiu park. Another relaxing area is the Statue of Appreciating Flowers, located on a hill in front of the main building.


Guangzhou Musuem | Zhenhai Tower

May 4, 2007

Located within Yuexiu Park, the Zhenhai Tower sits atop the last remaining piece of Guangzhou’s city wall. The tower was originally built in 1380 during the Ming dynasty, and has been the focus of much upheaval, resulting in the tower being destroyed and rebuilt a total of five times. It was last occupied by both the British and French during the Opium war, and was chosen for its super view of the city, as well as (on those rare clear days) views of Baiyun Mountain.

The tower is now known as the Guangzhou Museum, and contains over 2000 years of Guangzhou history. The tower is one of the cities landmark sites, and certainly one of it’s most popular tourist attractions.


Yuexiu Park

May 4, 2007

As one of the oldest and largest parks in Guangzhou, Yuexiu Gonguan has the distinction of also containing some of the cities most important historic monuments. Spread over 212 acres it contains seven hills and three artificial lakes, as well as a swimming pool, boating & fishing lake, gymnasium, restaurants, Yuexiu Mountain Stadium, and the usual assortment of restaurants and cafes. Highlights of the park include:

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