Baiyun Mountain

View over lake

Baiyun Shan, or White Cloud Mountain, lies just North of the city and is one of the ‘Eight Sights’ of Guangzhou. It has been a scenic spot for a long time and has inspired poets, artists, and scholars, and on a rare clear day you can see the whole of Guangzhou. The park consists of 30 peaks and covers 28 km2, with Moxing Peak being the hightest at 382 metres.

There are many peaks and ridges in the area, and the Guangdong Provincial Government has declared six sightseeing zones:

  • Mingzhu Tower
  • Moxing Ridge
  • Santai Ridge
  • Mingchun Valley
  • Fei’e Ridge
  • Luhu Lake

A cable car is available to take you to Maoxing Ridge and costs around 25 RMB. Entrance to the park is at 5 RMB.

In addition to the natural surroundings you can find:

  • A hostel
  • Songtao Villa
  • Luming Restaurant
  • Baiyun Immortals House
  • Baiyun Cable Car
  • Sculpture Park
  • Baiyun Chute

It should be noted that, like most other Chinese parks, you have no ability to go wandering in nature. The park is a series of well-defined roads and paths and there is no scope for adventuring or sitting on grass and having a picnic. Due to the popularity of the place, you can also expect to find yourself walking in line with several hundred other people, as well as listening to Chinese music from the ever-present park speakers. That’s not to say that the park can’t be peaceful, but you will need to head away from the popular places towards the North of the park where you may even be able to watch local people making tofu on one of the park’s public soy-bean crushing stones.

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Location – Baiyun Shan

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