Chime Long Safari Park


Getting bored of normal tourist places in Guangzhou? Let’s go to see the live animals or go to the Guangzhou theme park. They are all belonging Chime Long groups in Guangzhou. It locates in Panyu, yin bin Road. It has Xiangjiang Safari Park, Chime-Long Night Zoo, Crocodiles Park, Chime-Long International Circus, and Chime-Long Paradise. You can bring your kids and have a wonderful family gather time there in the morning till night fall.

Xiangjiang Safari Park: There are more than 400 species and 20000 heads of wild animals under large scale captive breeding. This is a place where you can feel the freshness and wildness of nature. There are over 70 heads of white tigers that makes it the largest white tiger breeding and exhibiting base in China. Ticket is 100-150

Chime-Long Night Zoo: There is different kinds of birds or animals you can visit or watch some jet ski or the most breath-taking performance international circus in night zoo. It’s wonderful experience being there; kids or you will never get bored. Ticket is 150-160 for anywhere inside including the international circus already.

Crocodiles Park: the world’s biggest crocodile park, Guangzhou Crocodile Park, opened to the public, which has more than 100,000 crocodiles; Ticket is 100

Chime-Long Paradise: It’s just new opening Theme Park in Guangzhou. The park has more than 60 different facilities, including 4 top class facilities. The Guinness world record winner roller coaster for its 10 loops, the quickest motor roller coaster which can reach 80 miles per hour in just 2.8 seconds, the first Skating roller coaster, and also a water park with top class facilities. Ticket is 130 for every facility.

Location – Ying Bin Lu Panyu Guangzhou

Chinese: 长隆野生动物乐园,广州番禺迎宾路 (show as image)
Open: 9am-11pm
Phone: +86 20 8478 3333
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