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Located within Yuexiu Park, the Zhenhai Tower sits atop the last remaining piece of Guangzhou’s city wall. The tower was originally built in 1380 during the Ming dynasty, and has been the focus of much upheaval, resulting in the tower being destroyed and rebuilt a total of five times. It was last occupied by both the British and French during the Opium war, and was chosen for its super view of the city, as well as (on those rare clear days) views of Baiyun Mountain.

The tower is now known as the Guangzhou Museum, and contains over 2000 years of Guangzhou history. The tower is one of the cities landmark sites, and certainly one of it’s most popular tourist attractions.

The main building consists of a five floors, each with a balcony, but only the top balcony is accessible to the public. The floors are arranged as follows:

  • First floor – Contains a three dimensional map of modern-day Guangzhou, with buttons to highlight key parts of the city. Also features a giant anchor from the Ming dynasty, found in the Zhu Zhiang riverbank.
  • Second floor – Remains from the a Han Dynasty tomb ((206 BC-AD 220, see Museum Of The Western Han Dynasty for more), as well as other items from the Han period
  • Third floor – The Western world and it’s influence on Guangzhou, including various items from that period and a three-dimensional map of Guangzhou in the 19th century
  • Fourth floor – Guangzhou after the Opium war
  • Fifth floor – Cafe and shop, with access to the balcony and a superb view of Guangzhou

Adjacent to the Zhenhai tower is a small building housing a few more artifacts. In front of the tower are several canons from the Opium war period.

Despite its history, the museum is fairly small and can easily be covered in 20 minutes. The view from the top is worth the trip. Note that none of the displays are in English.

Addmission is 10 RMB. Keep the ticket and you can also enter Guangzhou Museum of Fine Art, making it much better value.

Location – Yuexiu Park

Open: 9am-5.30pm
Phone: +86 208 3550627, +86 208 3545253
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