Yuexiu Park

As one of the oldest and largest parks in Guangzhou, Yuexiu Gonguan has the distinction of also containing some of the cities most important historic monuments. Spread over 212 acres it contains seven hills and three artificial lakes, as well as a swimming pool, boating & fishing lake, gymnasium, restaurants, Yuexiu Mountain Stadium, and the usual assortment of restaurants and cafes. Highlights of the park include:

The park follows the usual Chinese pattern and is very well pruned and maintained, but has little in the way of grassy open areas. Seats are plentiful, as are speakers broadcasting traditional music to all corners. The park is very popular and attracts many visitors from outside of Guangzhou. If you are not Chinese you may find yourself receiving a lot of attention, much more so than other parts of the city.

Due to the size of the park and the number of attractions within it, you should give yourself at least two hours visiting time.

Entrance fee is 5 RMB

Location – 13 Jiefang Bei Lu

Open: 9am-6pm
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