Café Piazza

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Cafe Piazza is located in Guangzhou’s World Trade Centre, and is an open plan cafe with a very modern European style and is ideally situated for relaxation after business or a hard day’s shopping in the local malls.

While the coffee is hand-made and reasonable, the food suffers from the dreaded Chinese psuedo-foreign make-over. Expect bland flavours with lots of cheese. Pizza’s are not the size advertised, and an 11″ refers to the size of the plate, not the size of the pizza (which comes in at 9″).

The Cafe Piazza makes a nice coffee shop, but it’s certainly not a place to go dining unless there are no alternatives (and given the wide selection of restaurants on Jian She Liu Ma Lu and Tao Jin Lu, this should never be a problem).

Location – 4th floor, World Trade Centre, Huan Shi Dong Lu

Chinese: 环市东路世贸大厦 (show as image)
Directions: below banana leaf restaurant
Open: 10am-10pm
Phone: +86-20-8762 8959
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