FG Fine Foods

FG Fine Foods is a superb little café in the Jian She Liu Ma Lu area that offers great quality food at very reasonable prices. American owned and with an Australian-designed menu, Fine Foods is bright and breezy and impeccably clean. It has a small-but-well-chosen menu consisting of various fusion foods from around the world, as well as cakes, coffees, smoothies, and more substantial meals.

The toasted sandwiches are particularly good, with the spicy chicken being a favourite (and at the same price as the Subway around the corner, much better value). Desserts are equally good and not at all like their Chinese counterparts. The brownies are moist and rich and the muffins, although more doughy than they should be, are good value at 10RMB.

Food can be eaten inside the cafe, ordered for delivery within the local area, or taken away. Several kinds of bread are available, including French and sour-dough. This is a lot better than anything else you can buy in the area, and at around 10RMB is a steal.

If you want something more than a sandwich they also have a lot of pastas and soups. The quiche, in particular, is wonderful. An all-day breakfast is also available, and the menu is updated regularly so expect a lot of variety.

The staff are very friendly and all speak English. In fact, if you wanted to nitpick, you could say they are too efficient, hurrying about the place with such haste.

A lot of effort has gone into the design of the Fine Foods brand, and the same quality that can be seen in the food can be found in everything else from business cards through to paper bags. Someone worked very hard on this, and it makes for a very professional environment.

If this review hasn’t convinced you to visit this gem of a café then I don’t know what will.

Location – 23 Jian She Si Ma Lu

Directions: On the same street as Oggi Pizzeria
Phone: +86 20 8356 1245
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