Le Vila

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Set in the funky catacombs that are the Backstreet underneath Citic Plaza, Le Vila is a stylish modern café restaurant that aims to bridge the gap between quality and value for money, and this it does with enthusiasm.

If you’ve never been to the backstreet, it is a tunnel that goes under Citic Plaza, and can be found just outside the main shopping mall. The tunnel is full of small boutique shops, restaurants, a foreign-food supermarket, and lots of other interesting designer places. Le Vila can be found immediately upon entering one entrance, and is a large café with an ‘outdoor’ seating area (outdoor of the café) that is pleasantly surrounded with plants and water.

The staff are very friendly and all speak good English, and the menu is available in both English and Chinese. Le Vila have a good bakery with cakes that are much better than the bland Chinese equivalent (although the muffins tend to be dry). The nut tart is particularly tasty, and at 15 RMB is a bargain. Breads are also good and are light yet crunchy, and very reasonably priced (a medium sized French loaf comes in at 6 RMB).

Le Villa have a lunch-time special which includes a good salad, a sandwich, pizza, or pasta, and a drink, all for the knock-down price of 25 RMB. If this doesn’t catch your attention then they have a salad bar, as well as options from the restaurant menu. Food is generally of very good quality, and this even extends to the salads.

Prices for large pizzas are 65-90, pastas are 25-35, sandwiches at 15-20, and salads at 15. Drinks come it at around 20. A delivery service is available, although bear in mind that because of Guangzhou’s restriction on motorbikes, any delivery outside the immediate area will need to be made by taxi.

Two computers are available for free internet use, and the café is wireless equipped.

With the stylish environment, the great food, and the even better prices, it’s easy to understand why Le Vila is so popular with international types.

Location – 1 Backstreet, Citic Plaza, 233 Tian He

Directions: Just outside of Citic Plaza, near the underground car park entrance
Phone: +86 20 3877 0329, +86 20 3877 0337
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