Backstreet Jazz Bar & Restaurant

The Backstreet Jazz Bar is a two storey architecurally impressive glass building set inside a bamboo forest. A lower ‘Jazz’ floor opens out into a small upstairs restaurant area, and the two are joined together, and with the outside world, by a complicated series of stairs, bridges, and sliding doors. The decor is dark, metallic, and subdued, with lots of glass and mirrors. Live jazz-style music is served up every night.

The restaurant ostensibly serves Latin-American styled food, although it borders on the generic American Italian. The prices are high and portions are small. Drinks, although available in a wide array of forms, are equally served in small quantities. Ask for a glass of wine and you’ll think yourself the butt of a joke; drink it fast otherwise the meagre serving will evaporate.

The staff are overly fussy, hovering far too much, and going out of their way to interfere with your table. Sometimes you just don’t care if your napkin is perfectly aligned with the dessert spoon.

The food itself is very tasty, even though the chocolate pudding was burnt.

Situated in the lovely environs of Guangzhou’s Ersha Island, and just around the corner from the Xinghai Concert Hall and the Pearl River, you really can’t be any better situated.

Come here for the experience. Come here for the Jazz. Just make sure to bring plenty of money.

Location – Er Sha Dao

Chinese: 后街爵士餐厅,二沙岛星海音乐厅之走第一个左拐湾.美术馆东门 (show as image)
Directions: East gate of Guangdong Art Museum
Phone: +86 20 87353960
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