E Gong Cun Cantonese Restaurant

E Gong Cun is famous for it’s Roast Goose – some even say it’s almost as delicious as it’s Peking Duck. As well as this, another popular dish is it’s steamed chicken.

Apparently all poultry are organically raised, explaining the taste (and popularity) of the meat dishes.

The environment is very traditional Chinese style and would make a good experience, although it is located far from the centre.

Prices are reasonable, and you won’t be dissapointed with the Roast Goose.

Location – 402-404 South Section, Hua Di Da Dao Nan, Fang Chun District

Chinese: 芳村花地大道南402-404号,近鱼尾桥 (show as image)
Open: 10am-11pm
Phone: +86 20 8151 3428, +86 20 8151 3438
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