Anti Pasto Bar & Restaurant

Anti pasto interior

One of our favourite Italian restaurants in Guangzhou, Anti-Pasto is tucked quietly away behind the Garden Hotel. Tastefully decorated in an interest round building, and serving good Italian food, it’s the place to head to when you want some exclusivity from the usual pandemonium of Chinese restaurants.

The staff speak English and have learnt the most important rule of Western restaurants – don’t hover around your customers.

Pastas are remarkably inexpensive (around 30), although the other courses are much more (around 80). The tiramisu, in particular, is great.

Location – Cental Plaza, 38 Hua Le Lu

Chinese: 咖啡中途站, 华乐路广怡大厦1楼 (show as image)
Directions: Behind the Garden Hotel, 2 doors down from The Paddy Field
Phone: +86 20 8360 1366
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