Buongiorno is one of the latest batch of Western restaurants in Guangzhou, and has a prime location in the popular Jian She Liu Ma Lu area (just opposite the Garden Hotel). The restaurant is owned and staffed by Italians, and you are guaranteed to see the Italian owners running around the restaurant and ensuring everyone is happy during busy periods.

Born in august 2006 in Guangzhou, Buongiorno Italian Restaurants propose itself as an authentic Italian Food experience: Italian invested, managed and prepared, confirming the theory that genuine Italian cuisine can’t be made without genuine Italian hands in the kitchen.

And busy it gets, especially during exhibition season. The restaurant is very popular with foreigners mainly because the food is about as authentic as you can get in China. The owners have focussed on making Italian food that Italians would be happy with. This is demonstrated in the high prices and the high quality. Pizzas are very tasty, with perfect bread and just the right amount of toppings.

Bread is served as a free starter, which if you catch it freshly cooked is fantastic, but otherwise it can be quite dry. Fortunately it can be soaked in the accompanying tomato & garlic sauce.

The restaurant itself is large and can serve a good 100 people or so.

Highly recommended, and winner of That’s PRD Restaurant of the Year, 2007.

Location – 30, 3/F Yi An Plaza, 33 Jian She Liu Road Guangzhou

Chinese: 广州市 越秀区 建设六马路33号宜安广场3楼30号 (show as image)
Directions: Facing side door of Garden Hotel
Open: 10am-12pm
Phone: +86-20-83633587
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Website: www.buongiorno.com.cn
Email: alex@buongiorno.com.cn

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