Little Italy

Anti pasto interior

Conveniently located close to the Garden Hotel this restaurant serving Italian food is sure to be popular with business people and tourists. It’s set in a large old house just off Huan Shi Dong Lu, amidst a beautiful garden.

The interior of the restaurant, however, is not so beautiful, and you are basically sat inside someone’s house – from the furniture to the carpet, it’s all very homely, and the restaurant is spread across several small rooms. This may make for a more cosy atmosphere, but it makes for a difficult time attracting the attention of staff.

Food is reasonably priced and of decent quality, but the environment and absence of any other customers let it down. The restaurant is foreign owned and the staff speak English.

Location – 17 Tian Sheng Cun

Chinese: 西胜村17号,国际大酒店63层隔壁 (show as image)
Directions: Opposite Gypsy King Bar, 1 minutes walk from GITIC hotel
Phone: +86 20 8350 0556
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