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Madison American Food & Drink is a slice of all-American pie in Guangzhou, proving you everything from American steaks to American-style sandwiches.

It has a nice environment and is very suitable for business people to stop by for lunch or dinner. Prices range from 50-100 for starters, and 120-250 for main courses, so tends towards the expensive end. However, pizzas are very well priced (slightly cheaper than Pizza Hut), and Sandwiches are the same price as Subway (18-40). Burgers come with a bountiful supply of beef, and sandwiches are made from freshly cooked bread. Super stuff.

They have a great website with a lot of information and prices, as well as a ‘take-away BBQ set’ – a complete food kit ready for cooking. Best of all, there is a Madison delivery pizza service where you can order an American-style pizza (as well as subs and pastas) on-line. Finally someone in China has noticed the internet!

Note that the toilets are Chinese-style, are located outside in the public mall, and are not the best you’ll ever see.

The pizzas are a big disappointment and consisted of really thick stale bread (supposedly fresh American dough) with chewy meat.

Location – 313-317, Yi An Plaza, 33 Jian She Liu Ma Lu

Chinese: 建设六马路宜安广场 (show as image)
Directions: Opposite to Garden Hotel, in the Pizza Hut building
Open: 11:00-24.00
Phone: +86 20 3412 9490
Fax: +86 20 8363 3805
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