Maps, Chinese, and photos!

Finding itAfter a slow start we’ve been busy updating a lot of the information and adding brand-spanking new Google Satellite maps. These are particularly useful as not only can you see where a place is, but you can also see surrounding landmarks. For categories this then allows you to see all pages in a category. For example, want to see all known cafes in Guangzhou? Go to the cafes category page.

To complement these maps every page has both Chinese and English locations. Clicking on a piece of Chinese text will take you to a special screen where the same text is repeated, but wrapped around a sentence suitable for giving to a taxi driver.

As a third incentive to check these places out we’ve added a batch of photos. If anyone has photos of places they’ve taken themselves, and want to make them available, then please do get in touch with us – we’d love to include them!

All pages are designed to be printed nicely, so if you want a ‘fact sheet’ style page just go ahead and print it out.


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