China Plaza

China Plaza is another multi-purpose shopping mall, business office, and accommodation. Sat on top of Lie Shi Ling Yuan station, and on the busy Zhong Shan San Lu, it is an imposing sight and the tallest building in the area.

Immediately next to the plaza is ‘Hero Square’, the largest outdoor ‘entertainment’ square in Guangzhou, and one that is always hosting some shopping promotion and sporting event (typically skating).

Every shopping mall deserves a few statistics to impress, so here they are for China Plaza:

  • 170,000 m2 of floor space
  • Sightseeing area on floor seven
  • Bright and airy design
  • Advanced cinema with full DTS audio system
  • Yichuang Book City, second largest book store in Guangzhou
  • JUSCO, large supermarket

China Plaza is a good place to go for electrical equipment, as well as furniture and general food goods. Across the road from the plaza is a ‘cellphone’ street, with hundreds of small shops selling cell phones.

A store-level map can be found here.

Location – Zhong Shan San Lu

Phone: +86 20 8381 7688
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