Grandview Mall

Grandview Plaza is the newer twin to TeeMall, standing only a few hundred metres away and offering the same kind of stores and a similar experience. The Plaza takes a different architectural spin, aiming to create a light and airy environment through the use of seven atriums that are designed to bring in as much light as possible.

The Plaza has an indoor ice-skating rink, a 3D cinema, and numerous retail shops and restaurants, including a large Trust Mart. The details are:

  • Opened in 2004
  • 57,000 m2 floor space
  • 48 storey five-star hotel
  • 30 storey office building
  • 40,000 people capacity
  • 250,000 visitors daily
  • 1,500 parking spaces
  • China’s highest musical spring (!)

According to the blurb:

Refreshing you with pleasant shopping journey in a stylistic environment, Grandview Mall could be your paradise of Asian experience! We’ve got super-sized cinema for 3D movies, indoors ice-skating rink, various recreational facilities and all these lovely background music. We guarantee you joy, relaxation and fun! Just come and experience the details of the world’s top-notch commercial civilization!

Ah, that lovely background music!

Location – Corner of Tiyu Dong Lu and Tian He Nan Yi Lu

Phone: +86 20 3833 0098, +86 20 3833 0068
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