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The Paddy Field

August 13, 2006

Paddy field

A favourite amongst expats living in Guangzhou, The Paddy Field is the one and only Irish bar in the city. It serves most kinds of imported beers (Guinness, of course, being available), as well as a good meal selection. Imported beers are expensive (around 50 for a Guinness), although food is reasonably priced.


Sleepingwood Bar & Restaurant

August 13, 2006

Sleeping wood restaurant

Sleepingwood Bar & Restaurant is a relaxed earthy place located a few buildings up from the Holiday Inn.

Unlike most other bars in Guangzhou, Sleepingwood is not on a main street, and has a garden where you can sit in peace without hassle from traffic or pedestrians. The decor is akin to most Western style bars, with lots of ornamentation and pictures, and the food is a Chinese/Western collage. Prices are decent and there is a good selection of food and beers.

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CK Bar

August 13, 2006

CK Bar is an alternative to Baby Face, and is aimed squarely at the white-collar crowd trying to relax after a week of work. The decor is very modern, red, and elegant. It’s not a big club, but features a mix of all kids of pop and hip hop music, and is busy.


China Box

August 13, 2006

China box waiter

China Box is more of a bar/club than a fully-fledged night club. They do have live music & dancing, and it does feel like a club, but it’s not music focussed and there’s very little space to dance.

This place is popular though, and always crowded. If you turn up early then you can usually get a table, otherwise make sure to reserve a spot in advance.


Backstreet Jazz Bar & Restaurant

August 13, 2006

The Backstreet Jazz Bar is a two storey architecurally impressive glass building set inside a bamboo forest. A lower ‘Jazz’ floor opens out into a small upstairs restaurant area, and the two are joined together, and with the outside world, by a complicated series of stairs, bridges, and sliding doors. The decor is dark, metallic, and subdued, with lots of glass and mirrors. Live jazz-style music is served up every night.

The restaurant ostensibly serves Latin-American styled food, although it borders on the generic American Italian. The prices are high and portions are small. Drinks, although available in a wide array of forms, are equally served in small quantities. Ask for a glass of wine and you’ll think yourself the butt of a joke; drink it fast otherwise the meagre serving will evaporate.

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