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February 4, 2007

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Maps, Chinese, and photos!

September 9, 2006

Finding itAfter a slow start we’ve been busy updating a lot of the information and adding brand-spanking new Google Satellite maps. These are particularly useful as not only can you see where a place is, but you can also see surrounding landmarks. For categories this then allows you to see all pages in a category. For example, want to see all known cafes in Guangzhou? Go to the cafes category page.


Friends Daily

August 14, 2006

Guangzhou’s blossoming middle class has resulted in an explosion of foreign-styled cafes, and Friends Daily is no exception. As well as offering a well-styled place to sit and relax, Friends Daily also has a selection of imported foods and wines, as well as free internet access.

While the quality of other items may be high, the Hot Chocolate is not and was almost undrinkable. The staff, while pleasant, did not seem to care.

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Zinc Café & Bar

August 13, 2006


Zinc Cafe & Bar is a modern international-style establishment with a wide variety of drinks, snacks made with the finest ingredients and new music from all over the western world. They regularly hold special events.

Nice stylish cafe, good food, good music!


Lucy’s Cafe & Restaurant

August 12, 2006

Lucy’s Cafe & Restaurant is an established Western-style restaurant in the old Shamian district of Guangzhou. They serve everything from burgers to pasta to Tex-mex, and portions are large.

Facing the Pearl River it is also ideally located.

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