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November 5, 2007

Cousin is a no-nonsense Hong Kong owned canteen serving up good quality Cantonese food at reasonable prices. Quietly hidden opposite the Friendship Store, the small front opens into a large and always busy eating area, with a similar sized but always empty area upstairs.

This is a very popular place for locals eating lunch or dinner, and it is very much a canteen environment with an almost ruthless level of efficiency designed to serve lots of food to lots of people.


Dong Bei Ren – North East People Restaurant

August 12, 2006

Dong bei ren logo

Bringing flavours from the North East of China to Guangzhou, this is a very popular restaurant and is always busy, noisy, and crowded. Don’t let that put you off though, as the food is delicious – it’s full of dark rich tastes that contrasts sharply to subtle Cantonese food.

Although the menu is not in English (there are lots of pictures), and no staff can speak any English, it is still frequented by a lot of non-Chinese. The staff are very friendly and show the rare emotion of smiling.


The Peninsula

August 12, 2006

The peninsula exterior

Peninsula is one of Guangzhou’s most famous and popular Cantonese restaurants. It is located on Ersha Island, and is typically frequented by high class business people and government officials.

The restaurant is like a neon lightbulb by the beach, and it looks like the designer was trying to mix the 1980’s with the seaside. Expect to pay high prices for your food, and the restaurant is busy and reservations are essential. Despite all glamour, we found the food to be severely lacking, with everything tasting of pork fat.


Tang Chinese Cuisine

August 12, 2006

Tang Chinese Cuisine, courtesy of the same owner as the Tang night club, serves Cantonese food.

Prices are good, although the Dimsum is not. The other food is better.


Made in Kitchen

August 12, 2006

Lei garden logo

Made in Kitchen is a fusion restaurant, serving you as many types of food as possible, including Japanese, Cantonese, Thai, and other Asian cuisines.

One of the most noticeable features of Made in Kitchen is the large open-plan kitchen, allowing you to watch the chefs make and prepare your food. The design of this restaurant is very elegant, simple and modern; everytime when you go to the table, you need to pass the 70 meters long walkway making you feel like a model on a catwalk (for better or worse!)

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