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Boca Café

May 29, 2009

Boca Café is the first location in Guangzhou that stays true to the Café concept. Our belief is it should emulate the warm feeling that is found across all small towns where the café is the principal place to gather and socialize. This desire for companionship and the craving for a great culinary and coffee […]


NoXXi Lounge & Grill

January 7, 2008

An opulent oasis formed after the party paradises of New York, London and Hong Kong, NoXXi offers a plush, intimate haven in which to enjoy a high energy atmosphere, luxurious service and some of Asia’s top music DJs. NoXXi’s combination of potent, warm and sultry music and exclusive boutique ambiance is sure to impress. Lavish […]


Oggi Pizzeria

November 6, 2007

Oggi Logo

Oggi Pizzeria is an Italian-owned restaurant that aims to reproduce the essence of Southern Italy in Guangzhou. To do this they have the skills of Chef Raffaele De Gregorio from the island of Capri who has created a menu that combines both Pizzeria and Trattoria.

Oggi has recently expanded into the Jian She Liu Ma Lu area with a new restaurant just off the main street. Their original restaurant is located in Ti Yu Lu and is large with a pleasant outdoor seating area. The new restaurant is much smaller and cosy, but is nicely situated away from the main road. Until recently it had a very nice outdoor area overlooking a public square, but local authorities seem to have stopped that.



November 5, 2007

Cousin is a no-nonsense Hong Kong owned canteen serving up good quality Cantonese food at reasonable prices. Quietly hidden opposite the Friendship Store, the small front opens into a large and always busy eating area, with a similar sized but always empty area upstairs.

This is a very popular place for locals eating lunch or dinner, and it is very much a canteen environment with an almost ruthless level of efficiency designed to serve lots of food to lots of people.


China Plaza

November 5, 2007

China Plaza is another multi-purpose shopping mall, business office, and accommodation. Sat on top of Lie Shi Ling Yuan station, and on the busy Zhong Shan San Lu, it is an imposing sight and the tallest building in the area.

Immediately next to the plaza is ‘Hero Square’, the largest outdoor ‘entertainment’ square in Guangzhou, and one that is always hosting some shopping promotion and sporting event (typically skating).

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