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Tang Club

August 13, 2006

Tang club

Tang Club is a great club in the Huan Shi Dong Lu area with live music every night, a medium sized dancing area, and enough style and class to satisfy anyone. The inner decoration of Club Tang not only contains extensive and profound Chinese culture, but also spreads the European luxury of last century. Every two months Club Tang invites a famous band to perform in the hall and more night activities are also available.

VIP rooms are available, should you be feeling suitably wealthy and amorous, and contain a bed and a private dancing spot.


CK Bar

August 13, 2006

CK Bar is an alternative to Baby Face, and is aimed squarely at the white-collar crowd trying to relax after a week of work. The decor is very modern, red, and elegant. It’s not a big club, but features a mix of all kids of pop and hip hop music, and is busy.


China Box

August 13, 2006

China box waiter

China Box is more of a bar/club than a fully-fledged night club. They do have live music & dancing, and it does feel like a club, but it’s not music focussed and there’s very little space to dance.

This place is popular though, and always crowded. If you turn up early then you can usually get a table, otherwise make sure to reserve a spot in advance.


Baby Face

August 13, 2006

Baby face logo

Baby Face is one of the most popular nightclubs in town, with locations across China. Getting here is not a problem. Mention the name ‘Baby face’ to a taxi driver and they will instantly know.

Baby Face is split into two sections. The first, Dong Gong (or Eastern Paradise), is populated mostly with 30 – 40 year olds and plays disco-style music. The second, Xi Gong (Western Paradise), has a younger population and is a lot busier with R&B/hit music playing.



August 13, 2006

B-Boss logo

Swathed in red, and with a reputation of having the cities hottest dancers, this club is all about creating a vibrant and passionate experience and is a favourite amongst the international community.

Don’t miss the ladies night (Weds) and men’s night (Thurs).

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