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Papa Johns

November 17, 2007

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Le Vila

November 1, 2007

Exterior view

Set in the funky catacombs that are the Backstreet underneath Citic Plaza, Le Vila is a stylish modern café restaurant that aims to bridge the gap between quality and value for money, and this it does with enthusiasm.

If you’ve never been to the backstreet, it is a tunnel that goes under Citic Plaza, and can be found just outside the main shopping mall. The tunnel is full of small boutique shops, restaurants, a foreign-food supermarket, and lots of other interesting designer places. Le Vila can be found immediately upon entering one entrance, and is a large café with an ‘outdoor’ seating area (outdoor of the café) that is pleasantly surrounded with plants and water.

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February 4, 2007


Buongiorno is one of the latest batch of Western restaurants in Guangzhou, and has a prime location in the popular Jian She Liu Ma Lu area (just opposite the Garden Hotel). The restaurant is owned and staffed by Italians, and you are guaranteed to see the Italian owners running around the restaurant and ensuring everyone is happy during busy periods.


Macau Street Restaurant

August 12, 2006

Macau Street Restaurant serves most Asian foods, including curries, BBQ meats, and even some Asian-styled pizzas. Their speciality is the Zhu Zai bread (small French bread rolls), and the Zhu Jing Rou (BBQ pork). There’s a lot to choose from here.

The food is decent enough, although it tends towards a generic Thai/Malay curry that seems to be popular in Guangzhou, yet bears only a passing resemblance to real dishes.


Pizza Hut

August 12, 2006

Deep-pan pizza

Pizza Hut, for those times when your cheese cravings can’t be satisified anywhere else. Likely to be the same standard the world over, serving you ‘a decent pizza’ (especially the thin-base). Not as good as a real pizzeria, but better than most you can find in the psuedo-Italian restaurants in China.

Service is good, queues often long (especially around noon and 6pm), and prices are generally higher than elsewhere. However, it’s quick, clean, and consistent. If you like what’s on special offer then you can also get a good deal.

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