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August 12, 2006

Mammamia used to be one of the best Italian restaurants in the city, although it has now been somewhat eclipsed by a new wave of Italian restaurants. It boasts a real Italian chef (Rocco Nikolay), and a lot of high quality Italian good.

Prices are expensive. There is a lunch buffet (Monday to Friday) from 48-98. Salads are 28-58, Italian rice is 58, Pizza / Pasta is 68, and main courses between 140-200.


Italian Restaurant

August 12, 2006

While the name may be generic, the Italian Restaurant is actually a very decent Italian restaurant. Sharing the same premises as the Mexican Restaurant (plain naming is the key here), the Italian Restaurant is in a prime location for visitors to the Garden Hotel, and consequently is always busy.

Pizzas, while small, are perfectly formed and tasty. Prices are good, averaging around 40 for a 9″ pizza.


Danny’s Bagel & Pizzeria

August 12, 2006

Danny's bagel logo

Danny’s Bagels is one of the few pizza delivery companies in Guangzhou, offering pizzas, sandwiches, pastas, and burgers for delivery.

Staff are competent, pizzas are good, and repeat orders often goes rewarded. Best of all, they actually have an internet site with full menu – amazing!


Madison American Food & Drink

August 12, 2006

Madison American logo

Madison American Food & Drink is a slice of all-American pie in Guangzhou, proving you everything from American steaks to American-style sandwiches.

It has a nice environment and is very suitable for business people to stop by for lunch or dinner. Prices range from 50-100 for starters, and 120-250 for main courses, so tends towards the expensive end. However, pizzas are very well priced (slightly cheaper than Pizza Hut), and Sandwiches are the same price as Subway (18-40). Burgers come with a bountiful supply of beef, and sandwiches are made from freshly cooked bread. Super stuff.


Sportsman’s American Restaurant

August 12, 2006

The wall cafe drink

The Sportsman’s American Restaurant is another slice of America in Guangzhou. Spread across two floors not only does it provide a wide selection of authentic American food, but it has a well-stocked bar, along with many bar games and a large upstairs area appropriate for private gatherings.

Salads are great, and pizzas are large and well-stocked (the feta-cheese pizza is particularly good). Most ingredients are imported, and they even make their own homous. Portions are large and prices are very reasonable.

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