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Oggi Pizzeria

November 6, 2007

Oggi Logo

Oggi Pizzeria is an Italian-owned restaurant that aims to reproduce the essence of Southern Italy in Guangzhou. To do this they have the skills of Chef Raffaele De Gregorio from the island of Capri who has created a menu that combines both Pizzeria and Trattoria.

Oggi has recently expanded into the Jian She Liu Ma Lu area with a new restaurant just off the main street. Their original restaurant is located in Ti Yu Lu and is large with a pleasant outdoor seating area. The new restaurant is much smaller and cosy, but is nicely situated away from the main road. Until recently it had a very nice outdoor area overlooking a public square, but local authorities seem to have stopped that.



November 5, 2007

Cousin is a no-nonsense Hong Kong owned canteen serving up good quality Cantonese food at reasonable prices. Quietly hidden opposite the Friendship Store, the small front opens into a large and always busy eating area, with a similar sized but always empty area upstairs.

This is a very popular place for locals eating lunch or dinner, and it is very much a canteen environment with an almost ruthless level of efficiency designed to serve lots of food to lots of people.


Le Vila

November 1, 2007

Exterior view

Set in the funky catacombs that are the Backstreet underneath Citic Plaza, Le Vila is a stylish modern café restaurant that aims to bridge the gap between quality and value for money, and this it does with enthusiasm.

If you’ve never been to the backstreet, it is a tunnel that goes under Citic Plaza, and can be found just outside the main shopping mall. The tunnel is full of small boutique shops, restaurants, a foreign-food supermarket, and lots of other interesting designer places. Le Vila can be found immediately upon entering one entrance, and is a large café with an ‘outdoor’ seating area (outdoor of the café) that is pleasantly surrounded with plants and water.

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Yuexiu Park

May 4, 2007

As one of the oldest and largest parks in Guangzhou, Yuexiu Gonguan has the distinction of also containing some of the cities most important historic monuments. Spread over 212 acres it contains seven hills and three artificial lakes, as well as a swimming pool, boating & fishing lake, gymnasium, restaurants, Yuexiu Mountain Stadium, and the usual assortment of restaurants and cafes. Highlights of the park include:



February 4, 2007


Buongiorno is one of the latest batch of Western restaurants in Guangzhou, and has a prime location in the popular Jian She Liu Ma Lu area (just opposite the Garden Hotel). The restaurant is owned and staffed by Italians, and you are guaranteed to see the Italian owners running around the restaurant and ensuring everyone is happy during busy periods.

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