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China Plaza

November 5, 2007

China Plaza is another multi-purpose shopping mall, business office, and accommodation. Sat on top of Lie Shi Ling Yuan station, and on the busy Zhong Shan San Lu, it is an imposing sight and the tallest building in the area.

Immediately next to the plaza is ‘Hero Square’, the largest outdoor ‘entertainment’ square in Guangzhou, and one that is always hosting some shopping promotion and sporting event (typically skating).



August 14, 2006

Likely to be known by the whole of Guangzhou’s expat community, Aussinos is the cities leading import food store. Despite being a small store they cram an incredible number of products, primarily aimed to North American customers.



August 12, 2006

Jusco logo

JUSCO, Japan’s giant supermarket chain, has also made an appearance in Guangzhou offering a large selection of products at reasonable prices.


Friendship Store

August 12, 2006

Friendship logo

At the upper end of the scale, the Friendship Store is a state owned chain that has been operating for over 50 years. Originally designed for foreigners to buy official products, it has now developed into an upscale department store.

They offer everything from food to computers to washing machines, all at full retail price. The extra money goes towards the knowledge that what you are buying is 100% real (of particular importance to visitors).



August 12, 2006

France’s monster retailer has made it Guangzhou with several huge and modern stores scattered across the city.

Prices and quality is generally good, with a lot of products on offer. As well as food they also stock electronic equipment and household items.

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