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Cow and Bridge Thai Cuisine

August 13, 2006

Cow and bridge logo

Sawadika! The Cow and Bridge restaurant is probably Guangzhou’s most authentic Thai food restaurant, or at least it is according to the chef who imports all his ingredients from Thailand.

Prices are similar to the Banana Leaf restaurants, but are generally better quality and average around 45-200.


Banana Leaf Thai Restaurant

August 13, 2006

Banana leaf logo

Big, bright, and brashy. These are the words you’ll immediately think of when eating at a Banana Leaf restaurant where upon entering you will discover yourself in a faux-tropical paradise, with plastic trees apparently growing everywhere.

The food is decent, serving South Asian cuisines from Thai, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Service is quick, and if you dine at special times of the day you will treated to a song and dance routine from some of the Thai staff. Be warned – if you want a quiet dinner then seat yourself away from the centre otherwise you run the risk of being coerced to join in!


Made in Kitchen

August 12, 2006

Lei garden logo

Made in Kitchen is a fusion restaurant, serving you as many types of food as possible, including Japanese, Cantonese, Thai, and other Asian cuisines.

One of the most noticeable features of Made in Kitchen is the large open-plan kitchen, allowing you to watch the chefs make and prepare your food. The design of this restaurant is very elegant, simple and modern; everytime when you go to the table, you need to pass the 70 meters long walkway making you feel like a model on a catwalk (for better or worse!)


Jiao Mei Restaurant

August 12, 2006

Jiao Mei Restaurant is one of Guangzhou’s most delicious sources for Cantonese food, with their speciality being crunchy toasted doves.

Prices are reasonable and the spring rolls is near perfect. Jiao Mei has also opened another nearby restaurant called “Lan Kwai Fong”, serving Thai food.


Australian Great Barrier Reef Restaurant

August 12, 2006

Great barrier reef dish

The Australian Great Barrier Reef Restaurant serves up a fusion of BBQ, Thai, Cantonese, Japanese, as well as Australian cuisine. Combined with a real Australian chef it is the perfect place to visit if you like seafood, fish, and particularly oysters.

There is a lunch and dinner buffet, and English is spoken.

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