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Pizza Hut

August 12, 2006

Deep-pan pizza

Pizza Hut, for those times when your cheese cravings can’t be satisified anywhere else. Likely to be the same standard the world over, serving you ‘a decent pizza’ (especially the thin-base). Not as good as a real pizzeria, but better than most you can find in the psuedo-Italian restaurants in China.

Service is good, queues often long (especially around noon and 6pm), and prices are generally higher than elsewhere. However, it’s quick, clean, and consistent. If you like what’s on special offer then you can also get a good deal.


Lucy’s Cafe & Restaurant

August 12, 2006

Lucy’s Cafe & Restaurant is an established Western-style restaurant in the old Shamian district of Guangzhou. They serve everything from burgers to pasta to Tex-mex, and portions are large.

Facing the Pearl River it is also ideally located.


Spaghetti House

August 12, 2006

spaghetti house

The Spaghetti House is another franchised restaurant chain that has taken Hong Kong by storm, and has now recently opened in Guangzhou.

Food and prices are not bad, although the sauces tend to be too rich, and it is no substitute for a ‘real’ Italian restaurant. It makes for a popular venue for young people.


Olive Italian Restaurant

August 12, 2006

Olive italian restaurant logo

The Olive Italian Restaurant boasts an Italian chef, and makes for a good romantic evening.

Prices range from 30-50 for salad or soup, with main courses between 150-200, and pasta at 60-80. Food is very delicious and there is a live Jazz band from 9pm.


Milano Italian Restauant

August 12, 2006

Milano Italian Restaurant is an elegant and simply designed restaurant located exactly opposite the Garden Hotel, making it a perfect choice for visitors.

They have an outdoor area, along with a large selection of wines. Food is very good with large portions, although this does come at a price. Wine will set you back between 300-600, and food between 30-200.

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