Guangzhou East Station

As one of Guangzhou’s main transport hubs, Guangzhou East Station is as sprawling, chaotic, and confusing as you would expect. The station is situated facing CITIC Plaza and consists of hundreds of taxis waiting in line.

Inside there are several hallways and ticketing areas. If you are going to Hong Kong then head towards the Hong Kong KCR entrance, which can be found upstairs. If you are going elsewhere then you should stay downstairs and try and find the appropriate ticket stall and platform.

There are several shops and restaurants in the station and even a hotel. There are lots of taxis waiting outside the front entrance, with a proper taxi line and an associated queue. If you’re feeling brave and don’t want to wait your turn you can cross over the road and try and get a taxi near Starbucks or McDonalds, where there’s always several hanging around. Be wary of prices and do not let a driver make you a special offer – always go with the meter.

Location – Linhe Zhong Lu, Tian He

Phone: +86 20 6134 6222


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